Company Profile

Our stand in the market as a manufacturer and supplier of Gear Pumps is sturdy as a rock. We offer the clients with premium grade Gear Pumps which are primarily used for thermoplastics and  polymers. Being focused on functional and physical features, our experts dedicate their entire efforts to ensure performance excellence of gear pumps during production. We consistently work towards improving quality and bring about innovation in the production techniques so as to fabricate Gear Pumps that promise to offer higher output with longer service life.

Business Type Exporter , Manufacturer , Trader , Supplier
Primary Competitive Advantages
  • Transparent policies
  • Wide product range
  • Superior quality standards
  • Advanced production facility

Year of Establishment 1997
No of Production Lines 1
OEM Service Provided Yes
Production Type Semi-Automatic , Manual
Monthly Production Capacity As per customer requirements & depend on our schedule
Product Range

Solenoid Valves

PLV Series Vane Pumps

VPV Series Variable Displacement Vane Pump

MCV Modular Check Valves

V Series Low Noice Vane Pumps

VQ Series Vane Pumps

4WE Solenoid Operated Directional Valves

SQP Series Vane Pumps

V10 V20 Series Vane Pumps

DB DBW Pressure Relief Valves

HA Series Piston Pumps

HA10VSO Series Variable Displacement Pumps

Z25 Check Valves

HA2FO Series Axial Piston Fixed Displacement Pump

HA2FM Series Axial Piston Fixed Displacement Motor

Z2DBD6 Direct Operated Pressure Relief Valves

DCG Cam Operated Directional Valves

CRG Right Angle Check Valves

ZDR Pressure Reducing Valves

CPDG CPDT Pilot Controlled Check Valves

CPDF Prefill Valves

EBG Proportional Pressure Relief Valves

PF Prefill Valves

SRG SRT Throttle Valves

V10F(p) V20F(p) Series Vane Pump

SRCG SRCT Throttle & Check Valves

Solenoid Operated Flow Controlled Valves

HA10VO63 Axial Piston Variable Pump

DG DT Remote Control Relief Valves

DG DT Direct Type Relief Valves

MPCV Modular Pilot Operated Check Valves

BG Pilot Operated Relief Valves

S-BG Low Noice Type Pilot Operated Valves

4WEH Electro Hydraulic Operated Directional Valves

BSG BST Solenoid Control Relief Valves

S-BSG Low Noice Type Pilot Valves

Z15 Check Valves

RG RT Pressure Reducing Valves

RCG RCT Pressure Reducing Check Valves

Z2FS Double Throttle And Check Valves

MCA Counterbalanced Valves

MRV Modular Relief Valves

ZDB Z2DB Pilot Operated Pressure Relief Valves

MBRV Modular Reducing Valves

MSCV Modular Counterbalanced Valves

EDG Proportional Pressure Relief Valves

MTCV Modular Throttle & Check Valves

MTV Modular Throttle Valves

EFBG Proportional Pressure Relief And Flow Valves

HA11VLO190 Variable Displacement Pump

HA10VSO18 Variable Axial Piston Pump

Hydraulic Valves

Pressure Relief Valve

Lever Operated Valve

Pressure Relief Valve (Threaded Conn.)

Pressure Relief Valve (Subplate Mounting)

Remote Control Relief Valve

Flow Control Check Valves

Gauge Isolator Valves

Flow Control Check Valves (Modular)

Inline Check Valve

Check Valves - Subplate Mounting

Pilot Operated Check Valves

Pilot Check Valves Subplate Mounting

Needle Valves

Modular Pilot Check Valves

High Pressure 3 Way Ball Valves

Needle Valve / Shut Off Valves

High Pressure 2 Way Ball Valves

Manyfold Blocks - MB10

Sub Plates 1/4 & 3/8

Sub Plates 1/2 & 3/8

Manyfold Blocks - MB6- 1/2

Manyfold Blocks - MB6- 3/8

Manyfold Blocks - MB6 DBD6 3/8

Manyfold Blocks - MB10 DBD6 3/8

Manyfold Blocks - MB10 DBD6 ½

Manyfold Blocks - MB10 DBD10 1/2

Hydraulic Gear Pumps

Hydraulic Pumps Gruou 0P

Performance & Technical Information

Hydraulic Pumps Gruou 1P

Hydraulic Pumps Gruou 2P

Hydraulic Pumps Gruou 3P

Hydraulic Tandem Pumps 0P-0P

Hydraulic Tandem Pumps 2P-2P

Hydraulic Tandem Pumps 1P-1P

Hydraulic Tandem Pumps 2P-1P

Hydraulic Tandem Pumps 3P-3P

Required Motor (HP Avrage Values)

Hydraulic Accessories

Extension Bracket for Pumps

Suction Strainers

Oil Level Indicator

Filler Breather / Tank Breather

Pipe Clamps (Heavy Duty)

Gear Coupling

Bell Housing For Gear Pumps

Pipe Clamps (Light Duty)

Bell Housing For Piston Pumps

L - Type Bracket for Pumps

Hydraulic Fittings

Elbow Bulkhead Couplings

Tube Selection Chart

Straight Bulkhead Couplings

Equal Straight Couplings

Equal Elbow Couplings

Male Stud Elbow Couplings

Male Stud Couplings

Taper Male Stud Branch Tee Couplings

Taper Male Stud Elbow

Swivel Run Tee Coupling

Swivel Elbow Couplings

Swivel Run Tee Connector

Taper Male Stud Run Tee Couplings

Swivel Elbow Connector

Reducing Standpipe

Male/Female Reducing Thread Adaptors

Pressure Guage Coupling

Seals & Washers

Powerpack & Cylinders

Standard Certification
ISO 9001:2000